Balcón de IberiaMany people claim that Baracoa is not only Cuba’s oldest but also most beautiful city. However: located between mountains and the sea, it is surrounded by the most beautiful nature.
Baracoa is enclosed by two nature reserves (El Yunque and Yumuri Canyon), and Cuba’s most important national park, Humboldt-National-Park. With an area of 700 km2, more than 3000 plant species, more than 200 species of bird, the smallest bird in the world, and the smallest frog in the world the park invites you to explore. You will be surprised at how many variations of green there are.

Wherever your eyes may roam, it is green everywhere, sometimes colourful, but pleasant in any case: let go!
You want to go on a boat trip or just bathe in clean, clear water? Just do it! Allow yourself to get enchanted on an individual tour.
There is really always something to do.

Baracoa is the best place to live in harmony with nature.


Playa Duaba Baracoa, Duaba Strand Baracoa, Duaba Beach Baracoa

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